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" Design is thinking made visual."

Saul Bass

Whether you are pitching a marketing idea to important decision makers, designing an explainer video storyboard or producing illustrations for instructional material, visual content is by far the most powerful way to communicate with your audience.


Visual Content is simply the most effective way to break down complex or abstract ideas into easily digestible parts.


Visual content allows one to emotionally connect with a target audience and, if done thoughtfully, leaves a lasting impression. Ideas that are communicated visually, tend to resonate and create clarity. It can make learning more effective. It even has the power to change the perspective of your audience.



I offer the following services as an all-in-one solution or as individual services to fit your specific needs:

Graphic Design &

Art Direction

Script Writing



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Ken Kerry
Creative Director, Script to Screen

(Managed Michael directly)

"Michael has been an extremely valuable asset to our team at Script To Screen. He is very thorough and a great strategic thinker. His creative expertise is absolutely first-class and always on point. In addition to his friendly personality, Michael is a pleasure to work with. Always a problem-solver and always presents many options to solve a specific challenge. Anyone who would be seeking his talents would be extremely pleased at his expertise and professionalism."


Sheila Duffy
CEO & Founder, Greystones Group

(Managed Michael directly)

" I have worked with multiple ad agencies to produce videos over the years, this was the first time I have used a consultant. I can honestly say the creativity, flexibility and commitment in working with Michael was far superior to an agency. He has access to a broad network of ancillary services so that he can provide a complete creative solution. He went the extra mile to deliver a high quality product that exceeded my requirements."


Robert Hull
​Creative Director, Event Link

(Managed Michael directly)

"Michael was a pleasure to work with. He took complete ownership of this very difficult and  confusing program. He took initiative, worked independently, took direction well, understood the difficult technical content and was critical to the success of the job. He made suggestions, caught errors and sometimes understood the content better than I did.  Michael is intelligent and an easy person to work with. He would be an asset on any project for any client."

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